Sarah Spicer is Owner and Director at
Comprised of a team of highly talented visionaries and industry pros, our
award winning works reflect heart, message and visual appeal.


Founded by Actress-turned-Producer-Director, Spicer Productions is quickly making an impact on the Atlanta film and video scene.
After quitting her sales job in Corporate America, Sarah moved back to Atlanta in 2012 to contribute to the booming Georgia film industry.

Sarah has worked on national commercials (Golden Corral), studio backed and independent feature films (Last Vegas), (The Last Rescue), independent documentaries (Hope For Steve), international indies (Night NurseWhen One Door Closes), reality TV shows (Secret Princes- TLC), (Breaking the Law- Pilot) and as a consultant on several film and video projects.

 In 2013 Sarah took on her first independent project with production partner and Co-Director Matthew Moore. The Award Winning Documentary, Hope For Steve, has been incredibly well received, winning awards and hearts around the world.

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Hope For Steve is distributed by Virgil Films and Entertainment.