Hope For Steve

 Produced By: Spicer Productions
Directors: Sarah Spicer and Matthew Moore
Distributor: Virgil Films and Entertainment

Feature Films

The Last Rescue

Produced By: Fireshoe Productions
Directed By: Eric Colley 
Co-Producer: Sarah Spicer 
Distributed By: Artist View Entertainment 

Music Videos

Hero The Band "Expectations"

Produced With: Re:Imagine/ATL's Green Room Camp
Video Lead: Sarah Spicer
Shot and Edited With: The Kids of The Green Room Camp


Breaking The Law - TV Pilot

Concept By: Justin Rubner
Produced By: Blue Hook Studios
Producer: Sarah Spicer


Promotional Videos

Indiegogo Promotional Video

Produced By: Spicer Productions
Directed By: Sarah Spicer


Real Estate

Airborne Systems Consulting

Footage: Nick Enciu and Daniel Predoi
Edited By: Spicer Productions


Coming Soon! Brand Videos, Webinars & Non Profit Videos